Analysis to Action on Gender-Based Violence (AAGBV) Project

The AAGBV Project aims to enhance advocacy work being done in Thunder Bay. Through partnerships with local women’s organizations and advocates, the AAGBV Project is developing a collaborative advocacy strategy on gender-based violence that is informed by anti-racism, anti-oppression, trauma-informed and gender-based analysis frameworks and the principles of Reconciliation.  


In this space, we will:

  • Assess Thunder Bay criminal court decisions on gender-based cases and develop a feminist analysis of the outcomes
  • Connect women’s rights advocates, professionals and organizations with one another, developing information and open discussion on gender-based violence analysis
  • Provide training information on gender-based violence frameworks for women’s organization and advocates – situating them to act as expert witnesses and trainers for system players
  • Build and share gendered analysis towards systemic change with local women’s organizations
  • Host an annual Think Tanks for local women’s advocates

Gender-based Violence in Northwestern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario is a unique region, which compounds the issue of gender-based violence and justice for survivors and victims. 

“Women are not intrinsically vulnerable: it is their particular individual situation, coupled with pervasive societal gender-based discrimination, that facilitates their being threatened and targeted by violence” *

The Analysis to Action on Gender-Based Violence Project is administered by the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

Most artwork on this website was created by participants of the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre’s Art of Resistance Project.

The image to the left is mixed media on canvas by Stacey Hare Hodgins (2013).

* “Gender in the criminal justice system: the role of judges and lawyers”, UN Doc A/66/289 (2011), paragraph 71. (from Women’s Access to Justice for Gender-Based Violence: a practioner’s guide, 2016)