Tuesday, January 12: 1:00 – 2:15 pm

Providing Disability-Affirmative Care: Deconstructing Ableism in Trauma Support


Disabled folx experience equal to higher rates of trauma and sexual violence, yet are less likely to access support. This webinar will explore the unique factors that contribute to sexual violence and trauma for disabled persons. We will unpack the detrimental impact that a pervasive societal devaluation of disabled identities (ie: ableism) has had on disabled folx as well as the organizations and care providers purported to support this marginalized group. Through an anti-oppressive, disability-affirming model, this talk will provide tools and structure to encourage care providers to begin – or continue to – challenge their own ableist assumptions and provide affirming support to persons experiencing violence and trauma. It will also provide information and accommodations needed to become a disability-competent trauma care provider.

Presenter: Dr. Kaley Roosen, Clinical and Health Psychologist, Toronto Psychology Clinic

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