The TransFormed Project: Addressing Partner Violence from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans Perspectives is a bilingual, community-based research and action initiative led by METRAC: Action on Violence in partnership with the Centre Francophone. The Project’s goal is to remove barriers to health care and social services for Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). This collaborative project brings together community members affected by IPV, researchers, health and social sector professionals of multi-service agencies with mandates to address IPV through prevention and intervention strategies.  

Webinars: The TransFormed Project has created two educational webinars designed to build service provider capacity in providing affirming, supportive services to Two-Spirit, nonbinary and trans survivors of violence.  These webinars were created with the support of our Peer Leadership Group and Advisory Committee members. 

Health Promotion Tools & Resources: The TransFormed Project has developed a series of health promotion tools and resources for service providers and Two-Spirit, nonbinary, and trans community members resulting directly from our research findings and guidance from our Peer Leadership Group. These resources will support you and/or your organization in integrating the vital changes needed to address barriers and increase access to affirming supportive services, as recommended by Two-Spirit, nonbinary and trans individuals themselves. 

The TransFormed Project